Are the products Vegan and Cruelty Free?

brow lamination inlei

Recently we have noticed quite a number of questions like this. So today, we want to give an answer. 

Yes. All of the products that you find on our website, including InLei Lash Lift Supplies and Brow Lamination Supplies are cruelty free and most of them are vegan. Learn more about InLei products.

The only product that is not Vegan is InLei Lash Filler 3 (only the the 3rd step in the Lash Lift procedure), as it contains keratin. Keratin is a structural protein absolutely needed for our hair. Keratin the is used in the InLei Filler is derived from chicken feather. Due to the extensive scientific research and unique formulation, the Lash Filler has an ability to penetrate into the lash hair, working for months after the treatment strengthening the hair bulb and follicle. In Lei® “FILLER 3” promotes the proliferation of keratinocytes in the lash hair, which thickens the natural lashes.

Browse our vegan eyelash extensions and feel free to contact us in case of any questions.

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