Lash Lift and Brow Lamination tools

The new and trendy procedure of lash lift and brow lamination will give your clients natural lashes and brows of impeccable shape for the next 5-6 weeks. But in order to perform brow lamination or lash lift procedure safely and easily, any lami maker needs to have good lash lift tools. At Lash Store Pro we offer a wide selection of handy tools to make your work easier and help you to improve the procedure time.

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Best Professional Eyelash Lift Tools From the Lash Store Pro

When performing the lash lift procedure you may want to use different lash lift separating tools to apply the natural lashes on the lash lifting shields. In our store you can find a multi functional separating tool from InLei - called InLei Fillering, and InLei Helper - plastic brush, that helps to separate and comb the lashes while on the rod. Also you might like separate mixing dishes for Lifting and Setting Solutions, and most likely you will need a separate mixing bowl for lash tint and developer. Consider using a nice nylon brush, that can easily be cleaned from any residues of the material and thus won’t grow bacteria on its bristles, is very important.

We are absolutely in love with the innovative InLei Fillering tool, which has a sharp end on one side and a ball tip point on the other! This lash lift tool helps to lift the natural lashes on the lash lifting rods easily just in a couple of movements.

If some natural lashes got unstuck during the lash lift procedure, use the ball tip to apply a bit of lash lift glue and stick them back.

Brush and distribute eyelashes easily on the lash lifting shield with the InLei Helper tool — it is flat on one side and has a brush form on the other, simply apply the lash lift glue on the lash lifting rod and use the Helper tool to lift the natural lashes up.

At our online store, you can find all the necessary materials and tools for lash lift, eyelash tint, brow lamination and brow tinting procedure: lash lift isolator tool, eyelash lifting and separating tool. All our products are good for both experienced lash artists and beginners.

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