Lash Patches & Tapes

Shop for the best lash patches and tapes for your eyelash procedure. Choose our new Hydroboost patches to add extra comfort and brighten up clients skin after the procedure.

Doing lash lift and tint lashes? Choose our reusable eye patches made from 100% Italian sourced materials, they can be reused and safely put into disinfectant.

Get the Best Price on Lash Patches in Canada and the US

LashStorePro is an online store where we understand the needs of modern eyelash technicians. Here you will find the most convenient eyelash extension patches used by top technicians and award winning salons in Canada and the USA.

  1. All our products are manufactured according to European health standards.
  2. Patches are very comfortable to the skin and do not slide while the process of lash extension or lash lift procedure.
  3. The material used is suitable to draw on, so you can draw a lash map for easier application.
  4. Due to its anatomical form, the product repeats the shape of the undereye area and captures the lower eyelashes, thus facilitating the work of a lash stylist.
  5. In addition, patches soothe the skin so that your clients will get maximum pleasure from the eyelash extension process.

By choosing LashStorePro, you’ll get the best under eye patches for eyelash extensions price in Canada and USA!

We specialize in products for eyelash extension and lamination procedures from the popular brand London Lash, which have a good reputation among lashmakers.

As a distributor of this brand in Canada, we can guarantee that you will get 100% original and high-quality materials and best lash patch cost.

Best Professional Tapes for Eyelash Extensions From the Lash Store Pro

We offer best tape for eyelash extensions and reusable silicone eye patches made in Italy out of 100% platinum silicone:

  • Tapes are developed specifically to be used during beauty procedures, and can safely be attached to the skin without causing damage. All eyelash tape have a lint-free surface, thus lash tweezers won’t cling to the fibers.
  • Silicone patches come in two colours white and black, which helps to work with clients who have the lightest lashes.
  • Cost efficiency: can be reused and easily disinfected and soaked in disinfecting solution, or sterilized using heat or autoclave.
  • Silicone under-eye patches and eyelash extension tape for sensitive eyes are suitable for clients who have skin irritations or allergies from tapes and components of gel patches.

Why Buy Lash Tapes & Eye Patches Online in the Lash Store Pro?

We strive to be your go-to e-store when you need tape for eyelash extensions or eye patch for lash extensions made of reusable silicone or hydrogel, which is designed to be used only once.

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  1. All products in stock are ready for shipping;
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To make your shopping even more convenient we offer :

  1. Same day shipping for all orders placed before 13:00 EST.
  2. Free Canada shipping for orders above $125CAD
  3. Free USA shipping for orders above $150CAD

Lash Store Pro is a company that understands the great importance of the quality of goods. We want your clients to have the best experience with your services, so we only offer those eyelash extension accessories and lash extension tools the quality of which we are 100% assured.

Using our products will make the eyelash extension process a way easier for you, as well as more comfortable and safer for clients! They will certainly appreciate this approach.