Mink Eyelash Extensions

If you want to buy quality materials for eyelash extensions, try Mink eyelash extensions! By contacting LashStorePro, you will be helped to choose the best products that are most convenient for work and allow you to realize all the dreams of your clients.

Get the Best Price on Classic & Volume Mink Lash Extensions in Canada and the USA

LashStorePro is your proven supplier of faux mink lashes in Toronto, Canada and the USA.

Here you will be able to choose and buy the best eyelash extension supplies which are in demand among top Canadian and US lashmakers!

Why Order Mink eyelash extensions at LashStorePro:

  • Cruelty-free and Formaldehyde-free components were used in the production.
  • These lashes are available in Diameters 0.03, 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18 and 0.20. You can choose C, CC, D, M, or L curl. A large selection of different sizes and curls allows you to meet all the needs of your customers.
  • All our products are lightweight and comfortable to wear. This makes it possible for the extensions to last you up to 6 weeks or during the eyelash growth cycle.
  • Here you can buy individual lashes for classic mink eyelash extensions, as well as mink volume lashes extensions at the best price. These lashes are suitable for any extension technique!

We offer products from the English brand London Lash, which has proven itself among the most popular lash stylists worldwide. The brand produces products of exceptional quality, which simplify your work, and are very comfortable to wear.

Since we are the official distributor of London Lash and strive to make the best extension products available to all, we offer individual mink lashes at the most affordable cost.

In addition to traditional black eyelashes, colored mink lashes at an unbeatable price are also available. You can order eyelashes in pink, red, brown, blue, purple, turquoise, and other shades.

We have everything for your comfortable and successful work!

Mayfair Mink Lashes From the Lash Store Pro

The Bestseller and the most favorite lashes of all Mayfair Mink Lashes are now available for purchase in Canada!

The strip which our Mayfair lashes come on is a little bit less sticky, which makes them perfect for all fanning methods.

We offer the best mink lashes, which are equally convenient for both beginners and experienced lash techs.

TOP-5 features of mink false lashes we offer:

  1. Maximally soft and thin lashes - they are about 30% lighter than similar silk products. Ideal for clients who have naturally thin or weak eyelashes.
  2. Despite its name, the production of such extensions is cruelty-free: no animal fur is used. We offer synthetic mink lashes made of 100% Synthetic Fiber.
  3. The lashes of this material are even throughout their length, with a thinner tip.
  4. Such lashes have a beautiful glossy, delicately shiny finish.
  5. The strip on which the lashes are glued is less sticky than other extension products (for example, Chelsea silk lashes). That is why mink is great for Russian volume eyelash extensions, mega-volume, and for most fanning methods. In addition to the volume extension, you can use mink lashes to create neat classic eyelash extensions - the extensions will look delicate and natural.

Why Buy Mink Lash Extensions Online at the Lash Store Pro?

We want to be your favorite online store, that you contact first when you want to buy mink lashes.

Our advantages:

  1. Timely replenishment of the assortment with the most popular products and trendy novelties.
  2. All products are available in our warehouse in Toronto. We can promptly pick-up of your purchases at our location in Toronto, Ontario.
  3. In addition, we provide excellent conditions for delivery to other regions of Canada and the USA. If you made your order before 1:00 am EST, the purchases will be shipped the same day. If you have placed an order for more than $125 CAD, you can expect free delivery through Canada.
  4. Here you can buy not only mink extension lashes but also other quality certified tools and consumables: glues, boosters, cleansers, shampoo, cleanser, primers, removers, tapes, tweezers, etc.
  5. Optimum product quality ratio at an affordable price. We also offer the best deal on wholesale mink lashes purchases, which will help you to save.

Shop online cruelty-free mink lashes at the Lash Store Pro to make your lash services more in demand among your clients!