Volume Eyelash Extensions

Premium quality Silk and Mink eyelashes for creating perfect volume lash extensions. Shop for our favourite Easy Fanning lashes that easily create an iconic Kim K wispy look or for pre-made fans for a more cohesive and dark lash line.

Get the Best Price on Volume Eyelash Extensions in Canada and the US

LashStorePro is a reliable volume fans eyelash extensions supplier that offers professional eyelash extensions tools and supplies. These products are in high demand among the best lash stylists of Canada and the United States, who value their reputation as well as the health and comfort of their clients.

Volume Eyelash Extensions from LashStorePro Features:

  1. Designed to offer a dramatic look. Now you can add expression and volume to your lashes! They also fit for creating more complex looks.
  2. These lashes are available in Diameters 0.03, 0.05, 0.07 and 0.10. Shop for Mink, Silk or Flat lashes. You can choose C, CC, D, M, or L curls. This variety of premium quality products helps you to fit your needs.
  3. We offer the best lash extension products: green, vegan and comfortable in wearing.
  4. All our products are comfortable to wear. Your clients will enjoy their impressive looks up to 6 weeks or over the entire eyelash growth cycle.
  5. Our main goal is the development of your business and a positive image due to constant advancement and improvement of the most demanded products. LashStorePro began its journey in 2019 and during this time we helped a lot of lash techs to find the best and the most convenient products and to make their clients happier.

We offer volume full set eyelash extensions at an affordable price in Canada and the USA. Our website presents products of the most popular English brand London Lash: these are quality products that are very convenient in work and have proved themselves well among lash artists.

Since we are the official distributor of this brand and strive to offer you the most advantageous terms, we can guarantee that you will get sweet lash extensions volume set cost.

In addition, at our online store, you can buy more budget products from IBeauty and Extreme Look brands, which have proved well with lash stylists in North America.

Best Professional Volume Lash Extensions From the Lash Store Pro

We offer the best lashes for volume fans to give you comfortable options to work with. Our products make your work easier: all of them are suitable for professionals and also beginners.

For your convenience and time saving, we offer you a ready-made volume set for lash extensions.

Top-5 tips on how to create the best volume lashes:

  1. Analyze the structure and type of eyelashes of your client. This will help you to understand which material, curve, length and diameter will be the optimal choice for each case.
  2. Remove makeup with a special shampoo. Treat them with cleanser and primer to remove all contamination and degrease the surface. The latter is necessary in order to improve the quality of the glue coupling.
  3. You can use Premade Lash Fans or create fans on your own. The ideal fans must be symmetric and have equal spacing between eyelashes.
  4. Fix your eyelashes with glue and tweezers, which will help you distribute them neatly along your pattern. As a rule, in this technique, 3-6 thin extensions are attached to one natural eyelash.
  5. When the extension is done, carefully brush the eyelashes with a special brush.

Why Buy Natural Volume Lash Extensions Online at the Lash Store Pro?

We want to be your first choice when you want to shop online natural volume lash extensions. At LashStorePro you can be sure that you received lashes made to feature quality materials and craftsmanship from experienced professionals.

LashStorePro is one of the most trustworthy lash suppliers in Canada and the USA.

  1. Weekly renewal of assortment: All products are always in-stock at the Toronto warehouse.
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  3. Here you can buy not only ready-made volume set lashes or mink volume individual lashes but also materials for other types of eyelash extensions: classic lash extensions, premade lash fans and colour lashes. At our online shop, you will also find the most convenient and reliable tools for this beauty procedure.

We try to offer you the most advantageous delivery terms:

  • All orders placed before 1:00 am EST will be shipped the same day.
  • Free delivery for all orders from Canada and the United States worthing more than $150.

We’re here to Change Your Story: LashStorePro knows how to bring you full quality extensions business possibilities!