About Us

We are a team of lash industry professionals and enthusiasts excited to bring you a variety of quality products that help fulfil your client’s wildest Lash and Brow dreams. We have established Lashstorepro.ca as our belief is that Canadian beauty industry is in a dare need of a fresh breath of supplies for lash extensions, lash lift and brow lamination procedures.

As lash industry professionals, we know that skills and dedication are a key to customer delight, happiness and loyalty. Nonetheless much of beauty artist’s success is dictated by the quality of supplies used. Just to name a few things we rely on supplies for are retention time, thickness of a lash, quality of a fan, richness of color and many others that are all of a tremendous boost to a chance of customer’s WOW when they first see themselves after a procedure. What a great feeling to hear that!  This is what we are all in this industry for - what could be better than making people happy with how they look?

Throughout our beauty careers we worked with countless suppliers and brands. Some were better than others, many were no use at all and just a few were exactly what we were looking for and made our customers come back over and over again. The Lashstorepro.ca is our opportunity to introduce industry professionals just like you, to high quality supplies for lash extensions, lash lift and brow lamination.