Silk vs Mink Lashes for Eyelash Extensions

If you are planning to start doing eyelash extensions, then you will probably be interested to know the difference between silk vs mink lashes.

These are the two most popular types of eyelashes that suit almost all clients. Of course, these products are not created equal.

After reading this article, you will understand which option is better for your work.

Mink vs Silk Lashes: What Is the Difference?

First, let’s find out what these products are made of. Mink eyelashes mimic the look of the soft mink fur. Despite the «natural» name, mink and silk lash extensions are made of 100% synthetic fiber, which makes them cruelty-free.

Which ones are better: mink lashes vs silk? Ask your clients the following questions to choose the best option for their lash extensions:

  • How important is a comfort to you?

Both of these materials are comfortable to wear.

However, if you want the lightest eyelashes, we recommend mink lashes. They are 30% lighter than the silk ones.

  • How long do you plan to wear lash extensions?

Another difference between synthetic mink vs silk lashes is the time of their wearing. Some customers note that silk is more durable and lasts a little longer.

Both silk and mink lashes should last up to eight weeks. The wearing time depends on the experience of the eyelash technician, the type of eyelash glue used, how the clients care for the extensions, and at what stage of the life cycle the natural eyelashes are.

  • What texture do you want?

When comparing synthetic silk lashes vs mink, we can not say about the differences in their look. As you have already understood, mink is thinner. Silk lashes are longer and denser.

Another distinctive feature: mink lashes are even along the entire length, and silk ones are similar to a cone: they gradually narrow closer to the tips.

Mink vs Silk Lashes: What Type Looks More Natural?

Many clients who choose between mink lashes vs silk lashes are also very concerned about how natural the extensions will look.

Both lash extensions mink vs silk look quite natural. However, you must understand: the thinner the lash, the more natural it looks. So if your clients look for the most natural effect, the best option is mink lashes.

In addition to the type of raw materials chosen, the natural look is affected by:

  • Extension technique:

The best option is classic eyelash extensions when one extension is applied on one natural eyelash.

  • Color:

Avoid ultra-black color if you are blonde or your natural eyelashes are a few colors lighter.

  • Curl:

The B curl is the closest to a natural curl. If you have naturally beautifully curved lashes, you can try C curl.

Faux Mink vs Silk Lashes: What Professionals Say?

Lash artists who have previously completed our eyelash extension course note that for them there is no big difference between silk lashes vs faux mink - they can work with either material.

Very often the choice of optimal raw materials depends on:

  • Condition of client’s eyelashes

If a client has naturally very thin lashes, then it is best to opt for mink.

  • Extension technique

To date, the most popular manufacturer of such products is the company London Lash.

If your clients are fans of classic eyelash extensions, you can use any type of product. In this case, no matter what you choose - both of these products allow you to do neat extensions. Lash stylists working with silk vs faux mink lashes of this brand can also do Volume extensions using both silk and mink lashes.

But here are some nuances.

If your charming clients prefer a delicate volume, we recommend using mink volume individual lashes. These extensions will look beautiful and elegant.

For fanning methods, some lash techs prefer Mayfair Faux Mink. The fact is that the strip fixing the lashes is not as sticky as the one from Chelsea silk lashes.

Well, if true fans of drama come to you, then the best option is silk lashes. They are slightly thicker than mink ones, so are perfect for striking and expressive volume extensions.

  • Personal preferences

Another point influencing the choice between faux mink lashes vs silk is their finish. Visually, silk products have a semi-matt finish, like human natural lashes. In turn, mink lashes look a little more glossy.

Silk vs Mink Lash Extensions: Which One to Choose for Your Clients?

To make the right choice between silk lash extensions vs mink, always listen to the wishes of your clients. Try to explain to them the difference between each type and which one will suit them better.

No matter what you choose: silk vs mink lash extensions, do not forget the quality of the product plays a key role.

We have already mentioned the trustworthy brand from England - London Lash. All products of this company are made of 100% synthetic fiber, are not tested on animals, and do not contain formaldehyde.

If you are looking for where to order products from this brand in Canada, you’re at the right place! Our online store LashStorePro is the official distributor of London Lash.

On our website, you will find a large selection of original certified products at the most affordable prices.

  1. All products on the site are always in stock;
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If you need any additional information about silk and mink lashes, please contact LashStorePro consultants.

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