Easy Fanning Lashes

Don't have the patience to create perfect fans? Wasting thousands of lashes when trying to make a volume fan? Our Easy Fanning lashes are exactly what you need! Fanning like butter and keeping the fan once picked up. Fans will be literally blooming in your tweezers.

Get the Best Price on Easy Fanning Lashes in Canada and the US

LashStorePro is a verified supplier that sources high-quality tools and supplies for lash extensions artists. You must try our easy fanning eyelash extensions that change your idea of how the eyelash extensions should be.

Now the whole procedure will become even easier and more convenient for you!

TOP-5 reasons to buy Easy Fanning lashes from LashStore Pro:

  1. Made of 100% synthetic fibre, which is safe for your clients. This material is formaldehyde-free and vegan friendly.
  2. Since the eyelashes are placed on a special sticky base, you may not worry that fans separate at the base and falls apart after pick up. Now you can create beautiful fans easily within a few seconds!
  3. These eyelashes have three different lengths on the same strip, allowing the creation of thin, light and at the same time lush extensions. The best option for those lash stylists whose clients want the best eyelash extensions like Kim K.
  4. One of the most popular products among lash technicians, who want to do their work quickly, qualitatively and beautifully.
  5. These lashes are available in Diameters 0.03, 0.05 and 0.07. You can choose C, CC and D curls with mixed lengths from 7 to 14 mm. Using these premium products you’ll satisfy all your needs as a lash technician.

LashStorePro offers high-quality easy fan eyelash extensions at the best price in Canada and the USA.

We offer products of the popular brand London Lash - these are the products that the top North American stylists prefer to work with. Since we are the official distributor of this brand and value our customers, we ensure that you can buy the best easy fan lashes at an affordable cost.

Best Professional Easy Fan Lashes From the Lash Store Pro

We offer handy self fanning volume lashes that will be useful for all lash technicians and especially for beginners. Each row has a special sticker that can be glued to your work area or lash tile, so you can work quickly, easily and effectively.

Top-3 tips why you should work with easy fan volume lashes:

  1. Time-saving

To create perfect fans beginners usually spend 2-3 hours. Using these eyelashes, you can save a lot of time and effort and do beautiful volume extensions like Kim Kardashian’s in just half an hour. It will be convenient not only for you as a stylist, but also for clients who value their time and want to get a beautiful impressive look as quickly as possible.

  1. No need to finish expensive lash courses

To become an experienced lash artist, you will have to spend a lot of money on lash extensions courses. If you are not ready to spend your money on such training, you can work with easy fan lash trays and easily create voluminous eyelashes without taking additional courses.

  1. Work in a way you feel comfortable

If you have previously worked with premade fan lashes, surely you know that they restrict you as a lash stylist because you cannot customize them in the way that is appropriate for your clients.

Using easy fan lashes you will not encounter such problems and will be able to easily adjust the size and length of eyelashes.

Why Buy Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions Online at Lash Store Pro?

LashStorePro is your go-to supplier if you want to shop online for easy fan mega volume lashes.

  1. All the tools and supplies are always in stock at our warehouse in Toronto, Ontario.
  2. We regularly update our assortment with new products.
  3. Optimal price and quality ratio of the products
  4. The possibility of pick-up of your purchases at our location in Toronto.
  5. Here you can buy not only easy fanning volume lashes, but also M&L curl, colored and flat lashes and work in any technique you like: classic, volume, cat eye eyelash extensions and more.

We try to make our delivery as accessible as possible and ship your order in the shortest time.

  • If you have purchased London lash easy fanning lashes before 1:00 am EST, the order will be shipped to you on the same day.
  • Canadian buyers who have ordered our supplies and tools in excess of $125 CAD receive free delivery.
  • Buyers from the United States who make orders worth more than $150 CAD also receive free delivery.

Lash Store Pro is here to create perfect conditions for lashmakers and give you customer-oriented service to popularize your services and your own brand!