Eyelash Glues

With these products, you can be sure that the quality of your service is always at the highest level. 

Meet London Lash Pro eyelash glue from lash extension supplies company LashStorePro. The best-selling product for eyelash extensions that is comfortable in wearing even for the most demanding clients.

Now available for purchase in Canada and the USA.

Get the Best Price on Glue for Lashes in Canada and the USA

LashStorePro offers a wide range of lash glue, which is used by the most advanced lash technicians and beauty salons in Canada and the USA. 

London Lash Pro eyelash glue  - is a real gem for any lashmaker. 

  • It does not cause irritation or redness of the skin. So it is suitable for all customers, even for those with sensitive eyes, who wish to make their look more dramatic.
  • It’s as convenient as possible. Our online shop offers a wide range of products for both beginners and experienced lash technicians. Every lashmaker can find their perfect product!
  • Comfortable in wearing. It firmly holds the extensions until the next reapplication procedure and does not cause unpleasant sensations during the process of attachment.

Would you like to know how much does the eyelash bonding glue cost?

Since we cooperate directly with the manufacturer we can offer the best glue for lashes price!

Best Professional Lash Extension Glue (Adhesive) From the Lash Store Pro

The “right” eye eyelash adhesive — is the key to the success of a good lashmaker!!

We handpicked and offer our customers only the best  products on the market of lash extensions:

  • Natural ingredients

Our products are free from parabens, formaldehyde, and other harmful ingredients. 

  • Safe for you and your clients

Does not emit vapours which may cause discomfort or irritation of the sensitive skin.

  • ISO approved

We value your reputation and the health of your clients, so we sell only high-quality fake lashes glue. We are the official distributor of the London Lash Pro brand. The products have all the necessary quality certificates, which indicates that they were manufactured in accordance with all the standards required for such goods.

  • Convenient to work with

Our lash extension glue dries quickly and does not leak.  This means you will be able to shorten your working time. Our online store offers several different types of glue with different bonding speeds. The products with 3-5 seconds drying time are perfect for beginner lash artists. Experienced lashmakers prefer materials that dry even faster.

  • Long lifespan

Now clients can live their lives without worrying that their eyelashes won’t last until the next reapplication procedure. The material is water-, oil- and heat-resistant.

  • Comfortable removal

Easily removed with eyelash extension remover during the next reapplication procedure, gentle to natural eyelashes.

Why Buy Eyelash Glue Online at the Lash Store Pro?

Want to buy eyelash glue online? LashStorePro offers a wide range of proven eyelash fixers that Canadian and US top lash technicians work with! Just read the reviews of our products and see for yourself. 

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Shipping from Toronto is fulfilled on the same day if an order is placed before 1:00 am EST. 

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If you have any questions about our products or need advice on how to use them, we will be happy to help you!

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