Brow Lamination Supplies

Brow Lamination is a new procedure to tame weird-looking brows.

We offer top brow lamination supplies in Toronto, Ontario and in Canada that you need to make sure every client is admiring beautiful and well-maintained brows.

Shop the best eyelash extension supplies at LashStorePro: our products are renowned for their easy application, good quality and safety and long-lasting effect that gives your clients incredibly beautiful results!

Get the Best Price on Brow Lamination Supplies and Materials in Canada and the US

LashStorePro offers professional brow lamination products in Canada and the USA. Our products are used by top stylists all over the world, who appreciate high quality and effective products that are convenient and easy to work with.

We offer brow and lash lift supplies in Canada that will help you gain the trust and awesome reviews from your clients:

  • pre-treatment supplies: cleansing mousses, peelings and physiological solutions
  • fillers
  • neutralizing sachets
  • conditioners
  • fixing gels
  • threading threads
  • brow growth serum
  • tints and activators
  • brow treatment kits

Would you like to know how much do eyebrow lamination supplies cost?

Due to direct collaboration with InLei® - the manufacturer of these products, we can offer the most affordable prices in North America!

Best Professional Eyebrow Lamination Supplies From InLei®

Use our favourite Brow Lamination Kit from InLei to create the brow look your client will want to have forever.

InLei® brow lamination — are the products with which top professionals and salons work worldwide. It is the most sought-after Italian cosmetics manufacturer that helps brow stylists to make the process of lamination fast and easy and the results last very long!

TOP-5 reasons to buy our brow lamination supplies:

  1. High-quality ingredients

We offer certified products that have passed strict quality control. The ingredients are tested and provide a perfect balance between the beautiful brow style and their health.

  1. Convenient in work

Now the process of lamination will take you less time! This will help you to optimize your schedule, as well as be convenient for the clients who want to quickly get a quality result.

  1. Perfect shape and thickness

You can easily shape and visually increase the thickness of eyebrows and make them fuller according to all your clients' wishes. And if you combine this procedure with tinting, the effect will be even better!

Perfect solution for the most natural look!

  1. Long lifespan

All our eyebrow lamination supplies work to prolong the results of the procedure - customers will be grateful to you!

  1. Wide choice

Our online store offers a variety of high-quality products and tools for the different needs of our customers. You will be able to find the optimal solution for each case!

Why Buy Brow Lamination Supplies Online in the Lash Store Pro?

Shop online for the best eyebrow lamination supplies and lash lift and tint products locally in Canada at Lash Store Pro.

We are a company offering high-quality lash lift supplies in Canada and the USA.

We offer convenient delivery conditions that will allow you to receive an order as soon as possible:

  • Buyers who have placed their orders before 1:00 am EST can expect same-day shipping.
  • Lashmakers from other parts of Canada get free delivery on orders above $125 CAD.
  • Free delivery is also available for US buyers on orders above $150 CAD worth.

In our online store, you can buy professional tools for eyebrows lamination, and create for your clients the eyebrows of their dreams in just a few minutes!

We are ready to advise and help you choose all the necessary products to make your work even more efficient and your business prosperous!

Brow Lamination training is also available. Check out our InLei Italy accredited course.