Lash Boosters & Superbonder

Looking to prolong clients' eyelash retention, well you got into the right place! Using Booster during the procedure may extend lash retention to its maximum, also it helps to speed up the lash glue drying time and prevent lash fans from closing. Finish up with the Superbonder and cure the eyelash glue immediately.

We have asked Jessica Grignon the Lash Artists in Quebec to test our product and give an honest opinion about it. Here is the response we have received :

"I wanted to introduce you to the Superbonder product from my favorite company

If you have retention issues with your clients, here is a little help for you.

The superbonder is a sealant that you apply at the end of your eyelash extension procedure. It will activate the bond between the cyanoacrylate glue and the natural eyelash, which will seal the extension bond quickly.

Personally I use it on all my clients. If a girl cries during the service, I will shampoo her and then apply the sealer. (eh 🤔) ... YES YES, YOU READ ME WELL .... 

Shampoo after full lash application or fill?? Hey yes girls !! You can wash them, the extensions won't fall off and the action of superbonder will take away all the acidity the crying caused. 

This product is good for 12 months, will save you a lot of labor time on your refills and will make your customers happy to know that they do not need to do the famous "24h without getting their lashes wet". (It's old school that thought by the way, if you still think so you need, here is a little refreshment 😝) Also, I don't have any weekly appointments .. all my clients come back every 2 to 4 weeks with more 40% of their extensions 

You simply apply the product to the base of the natural eyelashes with a microbrush and let it dry for 2 minutes! ⌚ It is compatible with all glues. I love this product .. it is vegan, effective and above all it has proven itself ... check out my retention album under my instagram highlights ❤

I have been working for 3 years with this company Lash Store Pro, I have no bad comments about them, I only have positive things to say about all their products ... I will tell you about the others soon 🤭"

By Jessica Grignon

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