Sodium Bromate in Lash Lift

Sodium Bromate in the Lash Products. Is It safe?

It has recently came to my attention that not all of us still know about Sodium Bromate as an ingredient used in Lash Lifts and that it is in fact prohibited in Canada.

lash lift not safe damage by lash lift DIY lash lift kit

Sodium Bromate or NaBrO3 (BrNaO3) is known to cause acute toxicity by ingestion, inhalation, and through contact with skin and eyes. It can cause serious skin irritation, eye damage, and may result in respiratory tract irritation. Being a carcinogen, it may cause chromosomal abnormalities and genetic defects - read LONG TIME health effects!

Fun fact, that this component has been widely used as one of the ingredients in Lash Lift solutions. Until last year the Health Canada banned use of Sodium Bromate in the cosmetics. However, Canada is only one of two countries who officially banned the use of this ingredient in cosmetic.

In European Union Sodium Bromate is banned for use in foods and should be used only up to a very small percentage in cosmetics. Italy has banned this ingredient completely. In USA and other counties however Sodium Bromate is not banned and can even be used in foods 😨

Now talking about Lash Lift - with consistent lockdowns a lot of our clients started to buy DIY home lash lift kits from different places, ex. Amazon. Cheap lash lift and brow lamination products imported from countries that do not have a proper regulations and do not comply with safety regulations of Canada, in some cases do not even have a complete list of ingredients definitely are not safe for the health. 

I have already seen at least 10 pictures in my feed alone of adverse reactions to those - allergies, broken lashes, skin irritations and so on. In the desire to be beautiful and to get it “right here right now” we often times forget about our health. Using such lash lift kit may cause damage not only to the natural lashes, but eyes and general health.

The lash lift that we use and sell is 100% made in Italy. InLei Lash Lift & Filler treatment is Sodium Bromate free and not only complies with all EU and Canadian regulations, it also also has been studied in the Science Institute of Milan to clinically prove its effectiveness and safety. Every single InLei product has been submitted to Italian Leading Health authority and has passed the In Vitro eye irritation test in addition to challenge test to comply with the law.

If you need to see the InLei list of ingredients, let me know! 

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