3 Ways To Improve Your Lash Lift and Tint

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What does your client wantΒ from lash lift and tint procedure?

  • Lashes to look curly and lifted from the root up to her brows
  • Lash lift and tint to be safe and last for 5-6 weeks
  • Natural lashes to stay healthy and luscious without any damage
  • Lash lift procedure to be worth her time and money

Okay, Girls, let's talk about lash lifting curls and 3 ways how to achieve the best lash lifting results 🧐

After the lash lift procedure we can give 3 different types of curl to the natural lash

  • The curl that is round,
  • The curl that can be steep, when the natural lash bends and rises from the root,
  • Or it can be a smooth curl that starts bending from the middle (very similar to the L curl in extension).
In other words  you can do anything you want! ✨

However, to achieve any of the results mentioned above the lash lift technician should keep in mind couple things:

πŸ‘€ Natural direction of eyelashes (are you doing lash lift for straight lashes, downward-growing, or the lash that already has its curl?)

πŸ‘€ physiological features of the structure of the eyes ( for example when doing lash lift for hooded eyelid, drooping eye corner, monolid, deep set eyes, etc)

πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈ client’s desire, preferences ( yes, some clients want the lash lift to be too curly, but hopefully it’s not your story! )

😨 previously damaged lashes if lash lift was done at home by client whose last name is β€œ lash lift do it yourself β€œ πŸ˜„

Β Lash Lift and Tint using InLei Lash Filler

Remember there are certain rules of the lash lift and tint procedure that must be followed in order to maintain the health of the natural eyelashes and keep the nice appearance through the remaining life cycle of the lash.


First way to create perfect round curl is to chose round curlers such as InLei Only curlers (regular ones, that do not have number beside it). Using bulgy curlers make sure to put them 0.5mm from the top lash layer and lift lashes on the rod straight up. Natural lashes should cover 75-85% of the curler (surface of the lash lifting rod) to create a nice curl. If the lashes go over the curler, your lash lift will turn out too curly and can go wrong.


Secondly, remove the excess of the lash lift glue. Thick layer of the lash lift adhesive may interfere with the exposition of the Form 1, and solution may not act correctly. To remove the glue and not to disturb the lifted lashes on the rods, use slightly damp Q-tip to wipe the excess of the lash glue off the curler.


Last, but not least, put the right amount of the Form 1 onto the lash lifting rod. Do not use a lot, but make sure to put enough in the nice consistent layer of the Form 1 and cover 3/4 of the lash length. BringingΒ  lash lifting solution too high to the lash tips can damage natural lashes. Putting it too low and close to the eye can be harmful for the eye, especially if the lash lift is done for sensitive eyes. So always step up 1mm from the root, when using any of the solutions from the lash lift kit.


What you should NOT do when choosing the lash rods:

Β What you should NOT do when choosing the lash rods

Lets take for example a client, whose natural lashes are growing in downward direction. We have chosen a flatter curl, that lift lashes from the root up and applied the lifting solution half way onto the lifting rod. Right after the procedure natural lashes will look amazing! HOWEVER, we have changed the direction of the lashes only for a short time.Β  And the natural lashes will continue to grow down. Even if the lash lift will not relax in time, the steep bended lash curl which we achieved, will grow out very noticeably, and natural eyelashes will stick out in different directions and look messy even with mascara on πŸ™ˆ


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