Best Ways to Improve Your Lash Lift and Tint Process

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We all know that time is money when it comes to salon procedures. Clients want to spend the least amount of money and time possible in your salon, but get the best lash lift and tint that will last for 5-6 weeks. While you and I know that free cheese is only in the mousetrap, and good service should be priced high, at Lash Store Pro we understand that you are making money, when you have a lot of clients.

So today the Lash Store Pro team is going to share their professional secrets that help to maximize the efficiency of the lash lift procedure, while using the least amount of lash lift supplies.

In order to explain how to save on the use of a product and how to maximize your profit, we need to operate the same “lash lift language”. While there are thouthands of lash lift supplies on the market, hundreds of lash lift glue suppliers, lash lift tool, and everyone claims to have the best lash lift shields, every lash lift technician needs to find what works for them. At Lash Store Pro we have found that the best lash lift results happen when we are using InLei Lash Filler solutions or Elleebana Lash Lift. If speaking plain language and not talking about the chemical properties, the main difference between these lash lift solutions is processing times. InLei Lash Filler we would use on 99.9% of our clients and especially will recommend it for clients who have thin lashes or lashes that naturally grow downwards or even into clients eye. Elleebana lash lift products are used on clients with normal to thick lashes, or clients who previously had troubles with “lashes not lifting”. Elleebana is the product that can tame even the toughest lashes.

Lash Lift and Tint using InLei Lash Filler

How to Do a Lash Lift Professionally?

Let's first cover the basics and give an answer to a question - What is a lash lift procedure? It is a process of chemical alteration of the structural bonds in the natural lash, that helps to change the appearance and direction of the natural lash until the lash falls out. Lash Lift procedure usually consists of 2 steps, and may include the third step which is usually the nourishment process or fillering if using InLei Filler 3.

To achieve good lash lift results and be consistent every time you perform it, you need to have good and reliable products. This is why we sell only the brands that have proven to be consistent, safe and reliable.

Elleebana and InLei professional products help thouthands of technicians all over the world to achieve great lash lift results and are easy to use step by step lash lift solutions. No matter what products are used for the lash lift procedure, the steps of performing it will be the same. Processing times for Solutions 1 and 2 should be kept in accordance to the naturalash eyelash thickness and lash lift instructions.These times will depend on the composition of the lash lift perming and fixing lotions.

How to Improve Lash Lift and Tint Process?

Remember there are certain rules of the lash lift and tint procedure that must be followed in order to maintain the health of the natural eyelashes and keep the nice appearance through the remaining life cycle of the lash.

When using any lash lift curlers make sure to put them 0.5mm from the top lash layer and lift lashes on the rod straight up. Natural lashes should cover at least 75-85% of the curler to create a nice curl. If the lashes go over the curler, the natural lashes will become too curly and will touch clients eyelids.

What you should NOT do when choosing the lash rods

Secondly, before placing the lash lift solution on the lash lifting rod remove the excess of the lash lift glue. Thick layer of the lash lift adhesive may interfere with the exposition of the Form 1, and the solution may not act correctly. To remove the glue and not to disturb the lifted lashes on the rod, use a slightly damp Q-tip to wipe the excess of the lash glue. Go in slow motion from bottom to the top. We recommend using Katya Vinog Lash Lift Palette to measure and dose the amount of solutions and lash lift glue used during the procedure. Save the amount of materials wasted.

Always put the right amount of the perming solution onto the lash lifting rod. Do not use a lot, but make sure to put enough in the nice consistent layer of the Lifting Solution. For example, if using the InLei curlers cover 3/4 of the lash length. But for Katya Vinog lash lifting shields you only need to cover the bottom part where the “bent” is with the first solution.

Bringing lash lifting solution too high to the lash tips can damage natural lashes. Putting it too low and close to the eye can be harmful for the eye, especially if the lash lift procedure is done for a client with sensitive eyes. So always step up 1mm from the root, when using any of the solutions from the lash lift kit.

Follow the manufacturer recommendation for lash lift and tint steps. Some products, like InLei, need to be removed with a dry q-tip, while Elleebana solutions can be removed with a slightly damp q-tip. When tinting lashes, make sure to process it only for half of the recommended time. We have found that 3 minutes is enough to tint the lashes after the lash lifting solutions. This helps to reduce the lash lift procedure time and helps to keep the integrity of the structure of natural lash.

How Long Does It Take To Do a Lash Lift?

Elleebana Lash Lift and Elleeplex has the fastest processing times, we call such products “active” when the chemical composition penetrates into the lash structure very fast. Elleebana Lash Lift will take less than 25 minutes even for the thickest hair to have both solutions and nourishment, for example ReGen. It will take you about 45 minutes to get the lash lift and tint done, together with cleaning and brushing the natural lashes.

InLei has milder composition, and may take up to an hour together with tint to complete the procedure. InLei Filler is a leave-in solution, which is a benefit, and you don’t have to spend time on removing it.

The longest time we spent during the procedure is on placing the lashes on the rod. It is an important step and may take up to 15 minutes, but the final result of the lash lift will depend on how good you placed the lashes on the rod.

If you bought products at our store and are looking for lash lift instructions or steps on how to do lash lift using InLei Lash Lift or Elleebana products, please feel free to email us. Also we have a small step by step tutorial on our youtube channel showing how to lash lift using InLei.

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