Flat Lashes

Now available in Canada London Lash Pro Matte Flat lashes create a full and dark look without feeling heavy or plastic.

They create a super-dense look by having the appearance of 0.25/0.20 classic lashes, but only weigh as much as 0.12/0.10 — AMAZING for adding drama without the weight!

Get the Best Price on Flat Lash Extensions in Canada and the US

LashStorePro is a reliable supplier that provides premium lash extensions and supplies, and our flat eyelash extensions are the best you can buy.

They are designed to give your clients a thick black look without weighing down their natural lashes.

High comfort in wearing is not the only reason why you should try flat eyelash extensions from LashStorePro:

  • Made of high-quality synthetic fibre. All our products are environmentally friendly: they do not contain formaldehydes or other unsafe components.
  • Such eyelashes are very convenient for a lash stylist. With them you can realize your full potential as a lash technician: these lashes are 75% thinner than mink, so they weigh half less. With the extension, you can imitate a thin eyeliner that perfectly accentuates the lashline.
  • Thanks to the lightweight, such eyelashes hold the curl longer, which is important for those clients who tend to have wide-open eyes. Because of their high quality, they will enhance the beauty of your clients for 6 weeks or the entire eyelash growth cycle.
  • These lashes are available in Diameters 0.15 and 0.20. You can choose C, CC and D curls and different lengths from 8 to 14 (or buy a mix from 8-13 or 8-14). Such a good selection of the best quality products will help you with all your beauty needs.

LashStorePro is here to give you the best quality eyelashes on the market. The top stylists of Canada and the United States work with our products, for whom it is important that their clients feel 100% comfortable and look 1000% gorgeous.

Also, we offer flat lashes at the best price in Canada and the USA.

We are the official representative of the London Lash brand, whose products are on the good side with the Lashmakers all over the world. We strive to provide the most advantageous conditions for our customers, so you can purchase from us quality flat lash extensions for the best cost.

Best Professional Flat Eyelash Extensions From the Lash Store Pro

We offer self fanning volume lashes: with them, you can do an impressive dramatic look even for clients with naturally thin lashes. Our products help you in your work: all of them are good for eyelash technicians, who are looking for professional flat lashes and also suitable for beginners.

Top-3 tips on how to create super flat lashes:

  1. Check the features of your client’s eyelashes. This will help you to choose the best extension shape.
  2. In the case of such eyelashes, the stylist should work with a minimum of glue. Because of the shape, such eyelashes need to be fixed at the top or bottom of natural eyelashes, rather than at the sides, as can be done with other materials.
  3. Flat lashes can be introduced partially or used as a complete set. Since they have a slightly glossy surface, which will create a denser looking lash set. We recommend using them where you want to reduce the stress on natural eyelashes and at the same time to increase the effect of the chosen extension technique.

Why Buy Flat Eyelashes Online at the Lash Store Pro?

We want to be your go-to online store when you search for flat lash extensions near me. At LashStorePro you can shop online premium flat lashes which will help you make your calendar full of bookings.

  1. All tools and supplies you can find on the website are always in stock.
  2. We monitor new products on the market and update our assortment every month.
  3. The possibility of pick-up of your purchases at our location in Toronto, Ontario.
  4. The optimal ratio of good quality and competitive price. We provide friendly service: we will reply to all your inquiries as fast as possible.
  5. Here you can not only buy flat eyelash extensions but also purchase easy fanning lashes, classic, colored lashes and more.

We try to offer you the most convenient and accessible delivery terms:

  • The orders placed before 1:00 am EST, will be shipped on the same day.
  • Free delivery for Canadian orders worth more than $125 CAD.
  • Free delivery also for orders from the United States worth more than $150 CAD.

Lash Store Pro is looking forward to working closely with lashmakers to give them abilities to reach their full potential.