Eyelash Extensions

If you are looking for the best professional eyelash extensions in Canada, we are here to help!

Shop for beautiful mink and silk cluster lashes that are cruelty-free and suitable for all lash extension styles.

Get the Best Price on Individual Lashes for Lash Extensions in Canada and the US

Lashes for eyelash extensions are the main product that play a key role in the work of each lashmaker. Their purpose is to enhance the beauty of clients' eyes, so they have to look and feel perfect.

LashStorePro is your reliable brand, which offers luxury products at the most affordable lash extensions price. We are here to change the story of your brand and make your works even more perfect.

At our online store you can buy:

  • Easy Fanning and volume lashes for volume eyelash extensions
  • Mayfair Mink from London Lash Pro, made of the softest faux mink
  • Flat Lashes for lightweight and comfortable in wearing, plus give a wet look extensions
  • Classic Mayfair Mink for classic eyelash extensions
  • Mayfair Mink M & L Curl for Cat eye extensions

Also in the range of our online shop, you will find everything you need for colored lash extensions: pink, blue, light green, red, brown and turquoise (Tiffany colour) eyelashes. In addition, you can purchase black brown lashes. They will suit those customers who do not like the dramatic black color on their eyes.

At LashStorePro you always get the best eyelash extensions cost!

You can buy original eyelashes from the popular London Lash brand. Their products are preferred by the top lashmakers in North America.

Since we are the official distributor of London Lash, we can guarantee that our customers will receive quality eyelash extensions in Canada and the USA at the best price.

Best Professional Eyelash Extensions From the Lash Store Pro

Here you will find everything for the best eyelash extensions.

We offer all the lengths, curls, colors and diameters that you need to customize the look of each client.

Our products are for professional use and will be equally convenient in work for both beginners and experienced stylists.

LashStorePro is all about the best lash extensions:

  • Vegan
  • Environmentally friendly product, without formaldehyde and other unsafe components.
  • Created to preserve the environment
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made of 100% synthetic fibre
  • Very comfortable in wearing and will enhance the beauty of your clients for approximately 6 weeks (or as long as the natural growth cycle)
  • Meet all modern quality standards

LashStorePro is the go-to store that helps you create longer, fuller and more lifted lashes using the best individual lashes for the lash technician!

Why Buy Natural Eyelash Extensions Online at the Lash Store Pro?

Are you looking to shop for natural lash extensions online? We are here to help!

LashStorePro is known as one of the best professional eyelash extension suppliers in Canada and the USA.

ТОP-5 reasons to buy lash extensions with us:

  1. Everything you need is always in stock at our warehouse in Toronto;
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  5. We supply the best products for volume or natural-looking lash extensions, thus making our products so popular with top lashmakers.

We value your time, so we offer the fastest and cost-efficient delivery:

  • Customers who made the purchase before 1:00 am EST can expect the same day shipment
  • Canadian orders worth more than CAD$125 will be delivered for free.
  • US orders worth more than CAD$150 will also be delivered for free.

We are here to empower modern talented lash technicians to become successful entrepreneurs. By choosing Lash Store Pro, you choose the best materials for natural-looking eyelash extensions!