Lash Lift - Bottle or Individual Sachets?

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When it comes to saving money on lash lift and brow lamination supplies, these is no better solution than ask Lash Lift Trainer and Business owner this exact question: 

What should I chose lash lift solution in Bottle or lash lift in individual bags (also known as sachets)? 

A: Everything depends on the amount of clients that you have and the regularity that they visit your lash and brow establishment. The size of the business matters as well. If you are a solo lash lift technician, who has one to three clients a week, than sachets are definitely a way to go. If you lash lift and brow lamination business has 2 or more people working, sachets are preferable as well, firstly, they are easy to account for, secondly, you know exactly how many procedures can be done and it is much easier to predict your purchases. 

The lamination solutions in bottles are beneficial for solo artists, who has more than 4 lash lift procedures or brow laminations a week.

Q: How many procedures can be done with one lash lift bottle and sachet?

A: On average the Lash Lift bottle of 15 ml can be used for around 45-50 procedures. The experience level of lash lift or brow lamination technician matters. More experienced lash and brow artists tend to use less solution and are able to achieve incredible results. When it comes to sachet, they are intended for a single use, but in reality one sachets can definitely last 3-4 procedures. And a box of 5 sachets will give you easily 15-20 lash lifts or brow laminations. 

Q: How do I store lash lift solutions?

A: Lash lift solutions should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Some solutions may require refrigeration once opened, so always check the manufacturer's instructions.

Q: How long do lash lift solutions last?

A: Most lash lift solutions have a shelf life of about 6-12 months when unopened. Once opened, they typically last for 3-6 months in an airtight bottle and about 1-4 days in sachets once opened. Always check the expiration date on the packaging.

Q: What is more proffitable to use - single dose sachets or bottles? 

A: For Occasional Use: If you’re a home user or perform lash lifts occasionally, sachets might be more economical despite the higher per-use cost, as you avoid the risk of unused product expiring. 

For Frequent Use: If you’re a professional or plan to perform lash lifts regularly, investing in bottles is likely more economical due to the lower cost per use and the ability to perform multiple treatments from a single bottle.


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