Eyelash Extension Cleansers

Looking to get the most of your glue and achieve retention of 5 to 8 weeks? Use our eyelash extension cleanser for the client lash prep and create the perfect pH for effective and easy lash glue bonding.

Cleansing and priming are the most important steps in lash extension preparation.

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Eyelash cleanser — is a product every lash technician needs.

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Here you will find lash extension safe cleanser:

  • vegan
  • gluten-free
  • paraben-free
  • guanine- and collagen-free.

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Here you can buy original lash extension cleanser in Canada, USA from a popular brand London Lash. The products of this company are highly appreciated by the top lashmakers of our country and North America.

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Best Professional Cleansers for Eyelash Extensions From the Lash Store Pro

Every single lash on our eyelids has its own sweat gland and oil gland. Sweat glands are triggered by our nervous system, and produce sweat in specific circumstances, for example, when we are super hot or stressed.

Oil glands work every hour, it doesn't matter what is going on outside, skin produces oils. Sebaceous glands are located close to the hair shaft, and produce sebum directly into it.

Oils are needed for lash to grow up from underneath the skin and have a direction exactly “out” and for eyelids not to feel dry all the time.

The purpose of our best eyelash extension cleanser is to help you to remove any oils from the natural lash and create a dust free surface for adhesive to bond with natural eyelash. No Primers can do what Cleanser does, only it has the ingredients needed to cleanse the lash.

It also creates a perfect pH level for better adherence of the eyelash extension to the natural lash, and promotes bonding process in the lash glue.

The advantages of eyelash extension cleansers we offer:

  1. Clean lashes are the first step to have good retention. Follow with priming, shake your glue for lashes and then follow with application of eyelash extensions.
  2. You don't have to wait until natural lashes are dry. Lash cleanser will clean and prepare natural eyelashes for the application procedure, preparing the perfect surface for glue to bond on. But you should use primer after cleanser. We need eyelash extension primer to nourish the natural eyelash and give an extra layer of moisture, as we know our lash glue cures under humid conditions.
  3. Suitable for both beginners, and professionals. We suggest using cleanser and primer from the same brand as your glue. Our glues have different bonding times, but they all have been proven to have the perfect retention of 5 to 8 weeks. Don't forget, the natural lash cycle is something that no one can control, so if your client has a very short lash lifespan, the lash retention of course will be affected.

In the range of LashStorePro you will find best cleansers for eyelash extensions. Your clients will feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure and after it!

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