Lash Lift Rods and Shields

Looking where to buy the most flexible lash lift rods and lash lift shields? You are at the right place!

At our online store, you find the best supplies for lash lift procedures.

We are recommending products from InLei, London Lash and Elleebana — all of them are popular among the most demanded lashmakers!

Best Professional Lash Lift Rods From the Lash Store Pro in Canada and the US

Lash lift curling rods are the must-have tools for every lashmaker who offers a lash lift. They are often used for short eyelashes or when the customer wants a smooth natural curl.

TOP-3 advantages of our lash lift tools:

  1. Made of a healthy material - silicone, that can be treated in an autoclave, minimizing the risk of inflammation or any allergic reactions.
  2. Suitable for any eye shape. You can customize their shape in accordance with each client’s needs.
  3. Super-elastic and soft, our lash lift tools do not cause discomfort during the procedure. Your clients can relax and trust you, and then enjoy a beautiful result.

LashStorePro is an online store where you can buy the best lash lift rods that will make the process easier for you and more pleasant for your clients.

We are an official distributor of Kate Vinog, InLei and Elleebana — popular brands that offer high-quality lash lift tools. Being their partner we can provide the most favorable conditions for the purchase and are able to guarantee the best silicone lash lift rods cost for all our customers.

Get the Best Price on Lash Lift Shields From the Lash Store Pro

Lash lift shields are a great alternative to curling rods.

We advise you to try Elleebana and Kate Vinog products - the best in the market of lash lifts! Thanks to close collaboration with this brand, LashStorePro offers a wide range of extra and small lash lift shields for the best cost.

How to choose the right size of shields?

  • Focus on the eyelash length and anatomical features of your clients. With our tools, it will be easy to work both for beginners and professionals.
  • Extra small lash lift shields are often used when an impressive lift at the base of the lashes with a gentle curl is needed. Use number 2.5 and 3 curlers in Kate Vinog if compared this type of lash lift to lash extensions, the final curve resembles M&L curl.
  • Small lash lift silicone shields are better for short eyelashes: you can also achieve a dramatic look. This type is also suitable for clients with hooded eyes: the curve of the eyelashes allows to visually correct all imperfections.

Why Buy Lash Lift Rods and Shields Online at the Lash Store Pro?

Planning to shop online lash lift silicone rods and shields? We are here to help you!

LashStorePro is a go-to store for those lashmakers for whom it is important to do their work fast, safe and perfect.

TOP-5 reasons to try our products:

  1. All products are always in stock at the warehouse in Toronto, Ontario.
  2. Best price-quality ratio.
  3. Monthly updates of the range: only the best novelties and bestsellers!
  4. Possibility to pick up your purchases at our location in Toronto, Ontario
  5. Here you can buy not only silicone rods for lash lifting, but also other lash lift products: the best lash lift glue in Canada, tint, filler, treatment sachets and more. Also, we have ready-made lashes lift kit that includes rollers of different sizes, tint, tint oxidizer, glue, filler, mixing bowl, fixing gel, etc.

We appreciate your time that’s why we made our delivery as fast and affordable, as possible:

  • Orders placed before 1:00 PM EST will be shipped on the same day.
  • Orders from Canada and the United States worth more than $150 CAD qualify for free shipping.

By choosing Lash Store Pro, you choose the best eyelash lift rods in Canada that help you create the perfect natural, glamorous or dramatic lift!