Eyelash Tweezers

Have 99 tweezers but don't like any of them? You definitely haven't tried our eyelash tweezers yet! Great for isolation, classic lashes or creating volume and mega volume fans, London Lash Pro tweezers are created by lash technicians and hand-tested for better results.

Get the Best Price on Eyelash Tweezers in Canada and the US

Eyelash tweezers — are an essential tool for every lash technician.

At LashStorePro we understand this and offer a wide range of quality tools that will make your work even more convenient.

  • Volume tweezers can be used for the creation of any type of volume fan - from light 2D to mega volumes.
  • Fine tip Deluxe tweezers and Volume tweezer can hold any number of eyelash extensions of any size and diameter, from thinnest 0.03 and 0.05 to the heavy 0.15
  • Straight and curved eyelash tweezers can be used for the creation of classic sets and volume sets.
  • Multifunctional tweezers are suitable for the separation of natural lashes and for the creation of volume fans in any technique - rolling on the strip, rainbow lash fanning or pinching method of creating volume eyelash fan.

All our products are made from Japanese steel, ultra-lightweight, and easy to use.

At LashStorePro you get the best lash isolation tweezers price in Canada, USA!

We specialize in eyelash extension products and offer lash technicians proven lash extension tools and the latest developments in the eyelash extension and lamination industry.

By browsing the categories of our online store you will find products of London Lash - a popular brand that has become a top choice for lash technicians in Europe and North America. As the official distributor of London Lash in Canada, we are confident that our customers will receive the best tools for their work and guarantee the best eyelash extension tweezers cost.

Best Professional Tweezers for Lash Extensions From the Lash Store Pro

We offer different tweezers for eyelash extensions:

  1. After production, all tweezers are checked in the warehouse in the UK and double-checked by the London Lash trainer in Canada before shipment to the customer.
  2. Can be fully submerged in disinfecting solution or autoclave without damage to the steel. Now you don’t have to worry about the health and safety of your clients!
  3. Hand tested before shipment to the customer to make sure the precision and high quality. You receive the best tweezers for lash extensions!
  4. With our products you can use any eyelash fanning or pickup technique: we have tools for classic, best volume tweezers, etc. Now you can easily make both narrow and wide fans!
  5. Suitable for beginners and for advanced lash techs. Ask us to find tools that bring you the best experience. For example, for beginners, we recommend products with thin tips that help to create volume fans. Using such tools you will feel more confident!

Why Buy Lash Tweezers Online in the Lash Store Pro?

Are you planning to shop online for gold eyelash extension tweezers?

LashStorePro located in Toronto, Ontario offers the widest range of eyelash tweezers you can find in Canada and the USA.

These tools come in a variety of colours. We have pink lash tweezers, silver, blue, black etc. Everything you wish that help you feel happier during your work!

Besides, here you can buy other lash extension accessories, which will be necessary for work:

All our products are always in stock and ready for shipping. Our prices are one of the most favorable on the market.

We value our clients, so we offer them the most advantageous terms for purchase:

  1. Customers who place their online orders before 1:00 PM EST can expect same-day shipping.
  2. Free shipping for all Canadian orders over $125CAD.
  3. Free shipping for all orders from the USA over $150CAD.

By choosing Lash Store Pro, you always get the best lash extension products on the North American market!

Now your work will become even more productive and comfortable for clients, which will have a positive effect on the reputation of the salon and the growing demand for your services.