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Achieve the perfect lash curl using lash lift supplies from the LashStorePro - your local supplier from Toronto, Ontario!

At our online store, you will find all the materials required for the lash lift procedure including the latest innovative eyelash curling products, that allow achieving the desired effect causing no harm to the wellbeing of your clients.

The lash lift products offered at our online store are for professional use only and should be used only after completion of the necessary lash lift and brow lamination training. To achieve the desired long-lasting effect and beautiful curl on the client's lashes, we have gathered the most innovative lash lifting products that are made in accordance with all European and North American quality standards. 

The products offered in our store are most loved by lash and lami makers all over the world!

Get the Best Price on Lash Lift Supplies and Materials in Canada & the US

Our lineup of lash lift supplies includes everything you need for lamination:

All products offered on our website are high-quality and intended for professional use only.

With our European and Australian made lash lift products the procedure will take less time and effort. You can also be sure that every time your client will get the incredible lash curl that will complement their complexion for a long time.

LashStorePro is an authorized distributor for InLei and Elleebana lash lift products and brow lamination supplies. Wondering how much do lash lift supplies cost? Our prices are competitive and we can guarantee that our lash suppliers use the raw materials of the highest quality. We can proudly say that we offer the best lash lift supplies in Canada and the USA.

Best Lash Lift Supplies for Professionals From the Lash Store Pro

What makes our lash lift supplies and brow lamination products the best in Canada and the US? The answer is simple - we are partnering with the best suppliers in the world. Italian InLei products are known for the innovative approach to the standard lash lift procedure, while the Australian brand Elleebana has been on the lash lift market for over 25 years and brings extensive knowledge into creation of the lash lift and brow lamination product. Now these amazing lash lift supplies for professionals are available at our store in Toronto, ON and shipped across Canada.

When purchasing products from our partner brands, you are guaranteed to receive the product that meets current production and environmental safety requirements, so the procedure can be carried out in the safest and most professional way.

Made in accordance to the health standards our lash serum, lash lift and brow lamination supplies do not contain harmful ingredients and are Sodium Bromate free. When used accordingly to the guidelines you can be sure that the risk of allergic reactions, skin irritation, burning sensations and stinging is minimal. Furthermore we carry the TGA free line of product for lash lift and brow lamination - Elleeplex Profusion. Elleeplex Profusion guarantees the hair bond integrity without over processing the lash and brow hair, which helps to keep the natural lashes and brows strong even after multiple treatments.

The lash lift and lamination tools that are offered at our store, made with the intention to simplify the lash lift procedure and to ensure your client will get the best possible result. We offer the lash lift glues with different setting times and consistency, lash lift application tools that will help to easily scoop up and comb the natural lashes on the lifting rod, the shields and rods that are made from the high-quality silicone to minimize the tension on the lash roots. At the Lash Store Pro you will find all possible curler sizes and shapes to satisfy the lash lift desire even of the pickiest client.

Professional lash lift supplies from Elleebana and innovative InLei lash lift and brow lamination products 100% made in Italy are now available for purchase in Toronto, ON, and across the rest of Canada and the US.

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