Colored Lash Extensions

Feeling creative? Add colored lash extensions to your lash sets! Enjoy London Lash Pro exclusive quality that comes in fully recyclable packaging. Shop colored lashes locally in Canada.

Get the Best Price on Colored Lash Extensions in Canada and the US

Lash Store Pro is your reliable supplier of colored lashes. Using these products you’ll give your customers more options to make all their fantasies come true. Increase the demand for your services among those who want to add exclusiveness to their look!

Top-3 benefits of colored lashes from LashStorePro:

  1. Premium quality

Our products are made of hypoallergenic synthetic material, which has proved its worth in wearing and receives positive feedback from customers.

We strictly monitor product quality and are sure you will enjoy working with these eyelashes!

  1. Promotion of your services

Working with such eyelashes, you can offer your clients something new and unusual. Since not all lashmakers work with colored eyelashes, the stylist doing this type of extensions will always be in demand.

  1. Perfect choice

These lashes are available in 0.07 Diameter. You can choose C, CC, and D curls and mixed lengths from 7 to 13 mm.

Our lashes are available in many gorgeous eyelash extension colors: violet and light violet, blue and ocean blue, teal, different shades of pink, green and light green, black brown, red brown and more.

We offer colored individual lashes at the best price in Canada and the USA.

Our company is the official distributor of the popular London Lash brand. The most demanded lashmakers work with these products!

We appreciate our clients and want to provide you with the most advantageous terms for cooperation. With Lash Store Pro you are guaranteed to receive different colored eyelashes at a sweet cost.

Best Professional Colored Eyelash Extensions From the Lash Store Pro

We offer premium quality colored fake eyelashes which will be in demand for holidays, photo sessions and when your customers want to add some variety to their look.

We always want you to have only a positive experience with our products, so we offer colorful eyelashes that will be suitable for professionals and beginners.

Top-3 reasons why you should add colored false eyelashes to your arsenal:

  1. Highlight the beauty of your client's eyes

Using different shades, you can enhance eye color by making it brighter and more saturated. For example, green lashes look good on brown eyes, and purple lashes can emphasize the depth of green eyes. For blue-eyed customers, the stylists often use deep black and dark blue shades.

  1. More Design Options

With colored lashes, you can achieve the effect of ombre, «draw» colored eyeliner, add a few bright accents or even do completely colorful eyelashes for a theme party, holidays or photoshoot.

In this case, lash technicians work in the technique of volume eyelash extensions.

  1. Perfect for blondes

Surely you have blonde clients for which black eyelashes look too dramatic. In this case, you can use Black Brown color and work in classic eyelash extensions technique. The result will look softer and more natural, so no one will guess that your clients have done lash extensions.

Why Buy Colored Lashes Online at the Lash Store Pro?

Lash Store Pro is the best place to shop colorful eyelashes online.

  1. Color eyelashes and other materials are always in stock.
  2. Every month we add the most trending new arrivals to our product range.
  3. The possibility of pick-up of your purchases at our location in Toronto, Ontario.
  4. Optimal price-quality ratio.
  5. Here you can buy not only colorful eyelashes, but also classic lashes for natural lash extensions, cat eye, flat lashes, pre-made fans and more.

We appreciate your time and want to make our delivery even more affordable:

  • If you have placed an order before 1:00 am EST, your package will be shipped on the same day.
  • Customers from Canada and the United States who have purchased tools or supplies in excess of $125 CAD qualify for free shipping.
  • To make our products even more affordable, we offer colored eyelash extensions wholesale.

Lash Store Pro is here to help you raise the standard of your services and bring your lash business to the next level.