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  • Be Your Own Boss

    Be Your Own Boss

  • Help Your Clients Feel Beautiful

    Help Your Clients Feel Beautiful

  • Let the work turn into a well-paid hobby

    Let the work turn into a well-paid hobby

  • 1. Choose Your Lash & Brow Course

    Whether you are just starting out or looking to enhance your skillset we have the right course for you.

  • 2. Receive Your Kit

    All courses include a kit. Kits include all the tools needed to start your new venture into brow lamination, lash lift and lash extensions.

  • 3. Get Your Certificate

    Attend our in-person class. Get practice on a model. Submit your hands-on work and get certified!

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At LashStorePro Academy we offer certified courses in lash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, lash lift and tinting, brow lamination, as well as in-person one-on-one mentoring sessions designed for certified lash artists who want to increase personal productivity, enhance personal effectiveness and the ability to work smarter and not harder.

LashStorePro students will learn from one of Toronto’s most accredited lash technicians, Maria Kotova.

On top of working with our owner/educator, Mariia Kotova, is the London Lash Professional Educator, teaching students all around the world and in Canada.
She has also completed certifications for major eyelash extensions, lash lift and tint and brow lamination brands including InLei, Ellebana … to name a few.

Convenient Location

Classes take place at our Toronto lash studio located at:

213- 2323 Bloor St W 2nd Floor Toronto, ON

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Lash Store Pro Training Reviews
  • Sabrina

    Hamilton, Ontario

    I've read all the other reviews and agree with all.. She is truly a 5 * * * * * trainer and lash tech. She knows her stuff. I haven't passed my certification yet but Mariia has been there every step of the way so far. I'm on my way to certification! I learned sooo much during the course. Theory and hands on. I recommend Mariia as a trainer/teacher & lash tech. Also, the London Lash products are also amazing!!!! The difference in my retention and the way the products work together and the quality!!!! In love with it all. I am so excited for this journey!!! Can't wait until I've mastered the classic lash so I can go back and do the volume course!!! Mariia - You are stuck with me! hahaha

  • Aisha Carter


    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I got to spend four wonderful days with Mariia when I hosted the London Lash Pro training in Barbados. Her knowledge and attention to detail is like no the trainer I have met. Her patience is extraordinary, she ensures all students are comfortable and confident and she is not afraid to share her experiences and how she over came obstacles as she grew as lash artist. Thank you Mariia you are the best. Xoxoxo

  • Loweno Williams


    Russian volume class with Mariia a dream came true, I am a novalash stylist from the beautiful island Barbados! for years my dream were to take A class with London lash That dream came true on the 21st and 22nd of October 2019 Mariia came to our beautiful blue waters and sunshine BARBADOS and carried out an in-depth, precise ,information and fun class She is so calm lovely and humble to talk to very professional she regularly compliment you even with your dress code her personality is one to love she share of her work and times spend teaching also of her strength and weakness she made herself relatable answer all questions that asked and share her number so if you remember any question or has trouble in any area she's just a phone call or a WhatsApp message away that were so encouraging thank you MARIIA.

  • Marina

    San Francisco

    Mariia is the best trainer I have ever met! She is very knowledgeable, passionate about eyelash extensions, very patient and made me feel super comfortable during the class! She says that the worst question is the question you never asked, and she makes sure that you get the answer and also understand every single detail! I have learned so much from her! Her technique is clear, she shows and explains every single move a couple of times and pays attention to you during practice. Also, it is great that she provides support after the class is finished, she is quick on replies and always gives great tips on how to improve. I feel very comfortable knowing that I have her support.

Lash Technician Certification Courses Toronto, Canada

As the lash industry is constantly growing, expanding and changing, building a career as a lash tech is a popular choice with many benefits. Firstly, you can create a convenient schedule which will give you the opportunity to harmoniously combine all areas of your life. Next, you can control your own lucrative business and be sure that your services will always be in high demand. Book one of our eyelash technician courses in Toronto today to reach your business goals!

We offer:

  • InLei Lash Lift & Tint Training This lash certification course gives you all the information about making perfect long-lasting curls and tinting clients' lashes in rich color. You’ll also work with one of the most wanted brands — Inlei! It is good for both beginners and experienced lash technicians, who strive to improve their skill set.

  • Foundation Eyelash Extensions Training The great lash tech course for beginners who desire to become a lash artist. You will obtain all necessary theoretical knowledge as well as practice on a model. After this lash extension training, you'll boost your confidence as a professional and be ready to provide perfect beauty treatment for your clients.
  • Brow Lamination Course with InLei Brow Bomber Excellent addition for those lash artists who want to expand their services and attract even more clients! You'll learn how to shape eyebrows perfectly in accordance with the face type of your customers.
  • Advanced Russian Volume Lash Training This eyelash certification course is available for experienced lash techs who are actively practicing and willing to add this booming technique to the range of their services. Upon completion of the course, you’ll make volume fans like a pro!
  • Online / In-Person Mentoring Training Session for Eyelash Technicians Interact in real-time with the trainer and get the practice and expertise you need to improve the quality of your work and make your services even more in demand!

We offer London Lash Pro eyelash extension training in Toronto ON. Our trainer Mariia Kotova has been teaching eyelash extension courses for students in Canada and overseas. You’ll finish it with a complete skill set as an experienced lash technician. All our eyelash courses are accredited and students receive certification after completion.

Book the iconic lash training in Canada today to launch a successful, rewarding lash extensions business!

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