Lash Lift Shields That Can Be Used Without Glue

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New product has dropped just couple weeks ago and we have fallen in love with it - Lash Lifting Shields from Katya Vinog.

Not to waste your time, let us dive into int right away.

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How are these lash lift curlers differ from others?

  • Created with high quality silicone, these lash lift shields are safe to use even on the most sensitive skin and they can be safely disinfected in the heat sterilizer
  • They can be safely used with any lash lift solution and you can easily tint lashes on the rod. We use InLei Lash Filler for lash lift and InLei Shiny Black tint 
  • Flexibility of these shields is amazing, which makes them perfect to use directly on the clients eyelid without using lash lift glue to be attached
  • They come in set that includes sizes for all lashes. Yes, you read it correctly from the very short to the most longest lashes, curlers from Kate Vinog can lift lashes as short as 4mm and as long as they exist
  • The curl that these lash lifting shields are giving is … well just perfect. It is hard to find anything that comes close. To the curl that these lash lift shields are producing - elegant and just enough to open up the look of your clients eyes
  • The lash lifting rods from Katya Vinog come in set of 2 for each length, so you will have the right and left eye
  • The colour of the silicone is therapeutic teal - it has been proven that such colour calms the neutrons in our brain and relaxes the eye muscles.
  • The length of the curlers is meant to suit all eyeshades, but if you feel that you need to cut them shorter, please do so!
  • Also Shields No 2 can be used for the lash lift of bottom lashes, all you have to do is cut the “leaf” of the shield off. Use a sharp utility knife for it


Still have doubts? Please feel free to get in touch with us!


And if you are in Toronto we offer same or next business day pick up for all eyelash supplies and accept all payment options, even cash payments.


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