Why getting extensions wet is so important?

Even though eyelash extensions are a very popular procedure among clients of all ages, a lot of them are still making the mistake of not getting eyelash extensions cleaned or even wet. In fact one of the most popular questions we hear at the Lash Store Pro studio is can I get my eyelash extensions wet? Sometimes clients are simply afraid of losing their extensions hence we even hear a question Can I get my eyelash extensions wet in a shower?

In this blog LashStorePro would like to answer these very important questions and explain how to wash eyelash extensions with eyelash shampoo.

Can I Get My Eyelash Extensions Wet?

In this blog post we want to answer all the related questions and explain why getting your extensions wet and cleaned is so important.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: Can I get my eyelash extensions wet? First of all you and your clients shouldn’t be afraid of water. Don't panic if you receive a message saying “I accidentally got my eyelash extensions wet”, the lashes will not fall off and this is why:

  • The glue that is used for eyelash extensions application is safe and water resistant.
  • After the curing process is completed, it is absolutely safe to get the eyelash extensions wet.
  • In fact keeping eyelash extensions clean from makeup and natural oils may actually prolong their retention and natural lashes will continue to grow healthy.
  • To sum up the answer to the question can you wet eyelash extensions is yes you absolutely can.

How Soon Can I Wet My Eyelash Extensions?

If you are wondering can you get your eyelash extensions wet after 24 hours.

The answer is yes! You have to! In fact, how long before you can get your eyelash extensions wet totally depends on the products your eyelash technician is using:

  • The high-quality glues usually go through a complete curing process within 6-8 hours after application.
  • When a technician is using products promoting faster curing, ex. Superbonder, the complete curing process takes only a couple of minutes after the procedure.

Thus how long can you not get your lashes wet will depend on the technician and eyelash glue they are using. But overall it is safe to say that eyelash extensions can get wet after 8 hours after application.

REMEMBER: Personal hygiene is important and is even more important when it comes to your eyelids everyday eyelashes and eyelids protect our eyes and vision.

Did you know that each natural eyelash has its own oil gland (Zeis's glands) that produces sebum every hour, also our eyelids have modified sweat glands (Moll’s glands)? Moll and Zeis's glands can easily get infected and are prone to blockage of their duct with sebum and debris like dust or makeup.

Can You Brush Eyelash Extensions When They Are Wet?

If you ever thought, can you brush eyelash extensions when wet? Here is the answer - gently brushing eyelash extensions will not harm them at all.

The proper way of cleaning the eyelash extension is by applying a bit of foaming cleanser on the eyelid.

  1. Simply dispense one pump of the foaming eyelash extension cleanser onto the fingers,
  2. Gently massage into the lash line
  3. Brush through the eyelash extensions with a mascara wand. The specifically designed formula of the eyelash extension shampoo gently cleanses eyelashes and eyelids, while antibacterial ingredients are preventing eye infections.
  4. Lash shampoo can also be used to remove makeup without any harm to the eyelash extensions.

The client should not be afraid and can brush through the eyelash extensions when wet, in fact thorough brushing stimulates the lash follicle and has a positive influence on the health of the natural lash.

Can You Wet Your Eyelash Extensions in the Shower?

It appears that not washing the face and eyes before going to bed may cause irritation, redness or inflammation.

  • The build-up of the secretion of the sebaceous glands may lead to blepharitis.
  • Blepharitis leads to irritated and red eyes, may cause eyelash problems and even skin problems.
  • It is only one of many complications that may occur, and that’s why it is so important to keep the eyelids and lashes clean.

So next time your client asks “can I get my eyelash extensions wet in the shower”. Explain that it is a necessary procedure. If you are not sure how long it takes for your glue to dry out completely, you may want to warn a client that tonight they may want to keep out of the water and explain how to shower without wetting eyelash extensions. Goggles may be of help, but only for the first couple of hours. Afterward, it is absolutely okay to get them wet.

Now last but not least, how to handle the question “How not to get eyelash extensions wet in the shower?”. If after reading this article you are still not 100% convinced that getting eyelash extensions wet is good and will not harm the pretty work you did, then we did a bad job on tackling the most common questions. Swimming goggles, snowboarding gear, and other protective devices can definitely be used every time in the shower (disclaimer: this is a joke!).

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