Lash Lifting Palette from Katya Vinogradova
Lash Lifting Palette from Katya Vinogradova
Lash Lifting Palette from Katya Vinogradova

Lash Lifting Palette from Katya Vinogradova

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Revolution in Lash Lift procedure! This palette will save you time and money on each procedure. 

Kate Vinog is a famous Russian Lami Maker with an engineering background. Her lash lifting shields of teal colour have already became most popular innovation in the lash lift world, and now we are glad to introduce a new product. 

Lash Lift pallete has 5 slots, each slot has it's own volume and prevents user from overfilling them. When using Katya Vinogradova Palette, you will be able to limit and dose the amount of solution and lash lift glue. Thus saving product. 

Kate Vinog Lash Lift Palette for solutions has indents of an inverted dome like shape. Such shape prevents solutions from drying out, and you can keep them without oxydation for up to 2 hours ( Tested and proved 👌 ) Simply fill in all the slots before procedure and save time during the lash lift. You won't have to open and close bottles and sachets during the procedure anymore. Plus the palette is very small in size and you can place it anywhere you need! 

Descriprion of the slots and use: 

Кл - Shoulf be used for Glue (simply add 2 drops of lash lift glue into the slot, it will not dry for a hour)

B - Water - add a drop of water into the slot, if during the process, your glue becomes tacky, simply dip microbrush into the water and stir the glue

Б\Кр - Add one drop of the tint and one drop of the oxydant, do not mix them until it's time to use. Tint will not oxydize, until mixed with the oxydant

1 - Add a drop of Lash Lift Solution 1 - we reccommend using solutions in Sachets for easier dispencing. 

2 - Add a drop of Fixing Solution 


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