Eyelash Extension Primers

Bring your lash prep routine to the next level and achieve the longest retention possible when using our eyelash extension primers. The main purpose of eyelash extension primers is to add a layer of moisture to the natural eyelash.

Whether you are an eyelash extension professional or just a beginner eyelash artist, on our website you can find all the necessary eyelash supplies for a successful eyelash extension procedure.

Get the Best Price on Eyelash Extension Primer in Canada and the US

LashStorePro is a go-to online store for lashmakers and beauty salons for which the high quality of products, that make their work even more convenient and efficient, is of high importance.

  • When buying from LashStorePro online you make a choice towards the European quality. All the eyelash extension supplies offered on our website are produced in accordance with high European standards of quality and comply with all the Canadian standards.
  • Super easy to choose: we offer an eyelash primer for eyelash extensions that has a nice coconut scent or our Premium eyelash extension primer with no fragrance.
  • Safe for the health: parabens-, gluten-, guanine-, and collagen-free.

Want to buy eyelash primer for lash extensions in Canada and the USA?

At our online store, you can find a selection of eyelash primers from the London Lash.

The Lash Store Pro is an official distributor of this brand in Canada. We are located in Toronto, ON and all your shipments and orders are handled locally.

We make sure that you receive your orders on time without having to pay extra duties and import fees, thus guaranteeing you the best price for eyelash extension supplies and primers imported directly from Europe.

European quality eyelash extension supplies are now available in Canada without extra charges, so by choosing LashStorePro you can be sure that you receive eyelash extension lash primer at the best cost.

By buying eyelash extension supplies and lash lift supplies from us, you are supporting local Canadian businesses.

Best Professional Lash Extension Primer From the Lash Store Pro

London Lash Pro offers the best lash primer for eyelash extensions, that helps to prolong the period of wearing and guarantees even stronger coupling of lash extensions and natural eyelashes.

Our primers work well with the eyelash extension glues offered on our website.

After a thorough cleansing of eyelashes with eyelash shampoo, followed by eyelash extension cleanser, the lash cuticle is now risen and opened.

In order not to break the natural lash and have better adhesion with the lash extensions, apply our best lash primer for extensions.

Take a micro swab simply put a couple of drops of the primer on it and swipe the natural lash from the root to the tip.

All our primers are suitable to work with any of the other eyelash extension preparation liquids, eyelash glues, boosters or superbonders.

Our online store catalog includes the best lash extension primers, which 100% satisfy all needs of any lashmaker — from beginners to experienced lash artists.

Why Buy Lash Primer for Extensions Online at the Lash Store Pro?

Looking for the best eyelash extension primer near me in Canada?

At LashStorePro you can shop online lash primers for extensions, and also other tools and supplies, which every lashmaker needs.

  • Lashes for different extensions: classic, volume, premade lash fans, flat, easy fanning lashes, M&L curl and colored lashes.
  • Glues and liquids: eyelash glues, booster & superbonder, shampoo, cleanser and remover,
  • Tools and accessories: lash patches, tweezers, tapes and more.

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