Brow lift, botox brow lift, brow lift botox my lamination Canada InLei Canada brow lift and brow lamination Il est absolument interdit de l'utiliser sur les cils, cela peut provoquer de graves lésions oculaires.
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Brow Lift 1 - InLei Brow Lift Solution - Sachets pack of 6

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What is Brow Lamination? 

Brow lamination is a new unique procedure of relaxing brow hair and giving the brows exactly the shape you want. Your client can now forget about brow razor, cutting long brow hair and drawing brows in for the next 6 - 8 weeks. 

Brow Lamination Procedure steps: 

- Clean client's brows with the InLei cleansing mousse

- Use saline treatment to prepare the brow hair cuticle

- Use Brow Lift Solution 1 to relax the hair - do not cover the hair with the film, InLei solutions work perfectly without heat exposure

 - Pad the brows with cotton pad. Follow up with Brow Lock Solution 2 to rebuild disulfide bonds and fix the brow hair in the desired position. Brush the hair up during this step. 

- Color the hair with InLei Tint  and use our gentle 1.5% developer 

Finish up with Brow Bomber 3 -  to nourish the hair and keep it flexible and shiny. 
Brow Bomber 3 is a butter that can be added to the tint for more healthier looking brow hair. It repairs, protects, and gives softness to the hair after the Lamination Procedure and during the tinting. 

Packaging: 6 sachets - 1.5 ml / 0.05 oz. each


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