InLei Under Eye Pads (White) - 2 pairs

InLei Under Eye Pads (White) - 2 pairs

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What is it that we have here?! Are these the best eyepatches ever?! Yes! They ARE! 

You read it absolutely correctly. Here they are the first in the world 100% silicone, absolutely hypoallergenic, white, and reusable eyepatches that can be used for your lash lift or even eyelash extension procedures. No more crying clients, no more irritated eyes! 

Inlei Undereye Pads are made of silicone which allows the eyepatch to stick better to your clients' skin, simply swipe the bottom part with a bit of water and stick it to the client's skin. 

The patches are also re-usable saving you money per cost of treatment!

TOP TIP! To disinfect use your disinfecting solutions such as PreEmpt Cs20 for best results.

Inlei Black pads will help you see those invisible blonde hairs!

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Product details:

  • Made of reusable silicone
  • Latex-free
  • Suitable for autoclave sterilisation
  • Classic white colour


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