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Online / In-Person Mentoring Training Session for Eyelash Technicians

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Whether you’ve been a lash artist for 10 weeks, 8 months or 2 years, there’s always something new to learn to improve your skills and productivity.

Our online lash mentoring training session is designed to keep you informed about industry trends and upskill your service.

  1. Eyelash extension online course to upgrade the strategy through learning about the strong and weak points of your own lash tech skills.
  2. Lash lift online course with more theoretical insights and practical experience required to produce a great curl and bright color.
  3. Brow lamination online course where you find how to build flawless eyebrow architecture for any eyebrow shape.

Book the best personalized eyelash extension online course or attend the mentoring session in-person at our studio in Toronto to get recommendations on specific lash techniques or ideas on how to get on track with all your goals in the Eyelash Extension business.


  • Our tailored mentoring sessions are created for certified lash artists who want to increase personal productivity and enhance personal effectiveness and the ability to work smarter and not harder.
  • We will help you to learn, refresh or develop a specific area of concern. The contents of the mentoring session will be completely tailored to your personal needs.


Mentoring session plan will be created specifically to suit your needs, whether you need clarification on eyelash styling,  learning how to create the perfect Kim K look, a perfect fan or simply need help working with the glue. Before the Mentoring session, you will be asked to submit a list of questions and the trainer will prepare all the information YOU need. 

The aim of the session is to help you:

  • Refresh your knowledge
  • Improve your skills
  • Expand your theoretical and practical understanding
  • Receive guidance
  • Enhance confidence


You can choose between two types of mentoring sessions:

  • Individual IN Person with practice on a model (3 hours -$500; 5 hours - $750) 
  • Online (3 hours - $250)


Mentoring Certificates are included in the price of the session and are provided upon completion of a mentoring session.

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Meet Your Award-Winning Trainer Maria Kotova.

My name is Mariia Kotova and I am a Certified Eyelash Extension artist with over 6 years of experience. I was among the first members of National Association of Lash Artists in Canada.
What inspired me to become a lash artist was that I just wanted to do something in my life to be happy, make other women happy and help them feel better about themselves.
For the same reason I started teaching, to help women achieve financial freedom, and do something to uplift their spirit.
The advise I can give to a beginner artist - Do not compare yourself to others! Everyone has their own speed of learning and progress.
Always think about what you are doing and the way you can succeed. You are the only person who matters! And if you have questions or troubles, ask your trainer for help. There is nothing better for trainer than to see and help their students grow.

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