Katya Vinog bottom lash lift shields curlers
Lash Lift Shields for Bottom Lashes
Lash Lift Shields for Bottom Lashes

Lash Lift Shields for Bottom Lashes

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Also out our new Lash Lift Curlers from MAXYMOVA made in Italy. 

Lash Lift for bottom eyelashes? Now it is possible with super soft lash lifting shields. 

These lash lift shields come in Set of 3 - a,b,c sized to lift the shortest and the longest bottom lashes. 

How to place the lash lift shields on the bottom eyelid? It is easier to do so once you already have placed and glued the lashes of the top eyelid onto the top lash lifting shield. Now simply ask your client to open the eyes and place the bottom lash lift shield as close to the lash line as possible. 

Lash Lift Tip: Bottom eyelashes usually grow in only one lash row, this is great, as it makes our work much easier. Use microbrush with glue to stretch the bottom lashes on tho the lash lifting rod and to place them. You can also use q-tip to remove the access of the lash lift glue. 


Packaging : 3 pairs - 1x size a; 1x size b; 1x size c

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