SUPERBONDER for Lash Extensions

SUPERBONDER for Lash Extensions

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Superbonder – Maximize Lash Retention – Make Your Clients Come Back For More !!!

Superbonder is an inevitable part of a modern lash extension professional’s toolkit. Why do lash technicians use superbonder?

  • Superbonder increases eyelash extension retention for your clients by improving the elasticity of the lash glue and helps your bonds become stronger and last longer
  • Superbonder contains glue fumes reducing the potential for irritation or allergic reaction of a client and a lash technician
  • No need to worry about your clients getting their lashes wet, superbonder seals bonds immediately
  • Superbonder works great with any type of lash adhesive.
  • Looooong shelf life once opened – up to 12 month

Superbonder is very easy to use

  1. Wait for two minutes after all the lashes have been applied
  2. Use a microfiber brush to evenly distribute a drop of Superbonder over the adhesive bonding point
  3. Superbonder will dry out in just a few minutes and a client is safe to get the lashes wet


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