Mayfair Mink Lashes 0.05
Mayfair Mink Lashes 0.05

Mayfair Mink Lashes 0.05

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0.05 Mega Volume extensions are super soft and light. Ideal for creating Glamorous Russian Volume sets! This multi-pack will help you to create absolutely amazing glamorous looking eyelashes!

Specially developed formula makes these lashes super easy to fan and make them resistant to bending. This is a great product for highly experienced volume lash artists who are comfortable working with fuller than 6D fans. These multi-length packs are ideal for mobile therapists or lash artists that just want to try our new London Lash eyelashes. Buy a couple of these and you're covered for a wide range of looks without the need to invest in or carry around lots of different packs.

NEW Edition* 

This product is: 

- Vegan

- Latex-Free

- Not tested on animals

- Formaldehyde-Free

All our lashes are made from 100% Synthetic fiber

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