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InLei Sensitive Brow Wax

InLei Sensitive Brow Wax

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InLei® Sensitive Brow Wax is specially designed for clean and easy removal of the facial hair 

This brow wax has a unique consistency that allows to remove even the shortest and finest hair directly from the root. As a result of the procedure, the client gets velvety soft, smooth skin for up to four weeks. This high-quality warm wax is both suitable for use in professional studios and can be used at home as a recommendation for your clients.

How to remove unwanted facial hair and create clean eyebrow shape using InLei Sensitive Brow Wax: 
1. Warm InLei® Sensitive Brow Wax up to 50 ° C using InLei Wax Warmer.
2. Make sure that you already completed the brow tint procedure or have mapped the eyebrows. The area of the skin where the wax is applied should be clean and dry.
3. First check the temperature of the wax warmer and the brow wax in it by carefully applying a small amount of InLei Sensitive Wax to the skin with a spatula. If the wax is not too hot, doesn't cause any burning sensations, and spreads easily, start the actual treatment.
4. Apply InLei Sensitive Wax to the desired area. Wax can be applied in the direction of the hair growth or in the opposite direction.
5. Wait for it to harden (10-30 seconds), then quickly pull off the wax. Immediately after apply pressure on the area of the skin with the other hand.
6. Repeat the same steps on the next part of the skin.
7. Finally, nourish the treated skin with a moisturizing product. You will achieve the best results with InLei® BROW BOMBER butter, as the ingredients of all InLei® products are perfectly matched.

Sensitive wax can be used after eyebrow lamination procedure, brow tint and shape procedure, or as a separate procedure of the removal of facial hair for both women and men. 

We recommend using InLei Saline treatment to clean and prepare skin for the procedure. 

Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from direct sunlight and heat.

Package - 250 g / 8.82 

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