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InLei Lash Filler FIX 2 Treatment Sachets
InLei Lash Filler FIX 2 Treatment Sachets
InLei Lash Filler FIX 2 Treatment Sachets
InLei Lash Filler FIX 2 Treatment Sachets

InLei Lash Filler FIX 2 Treatment Sachets

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Are you just starting out as lash technician and currently don't have a big client base?

Would you like to make sure that the product you use is always fresh and on top of the game?

InLei Lash Filler Treatment Sachets guarantee the product is always fresh and ready to use!

One sachet can last you up to 3 treatments and once opened can it be used within the week.

Inlei Top Tip! Great for mobile technicians as the product doesn't take up too much space!

InLei® “FIX 2”

- LASH FILLER® TREATMENT defines, nourishes, thickens and strengthens the lash structure, giving color and shine to our client's eyelashes

- the formula of the fixing product In Lei® "FIX 2" allows to "weld" the curvature of the hair following the shape of the curler used

- it works safely and quickly, working in perfect sync with the first substance already used on lashes, In Lei® "FORM 1"

- prepares the texture of eyelashes for the next step, thanks to its perfect balanced formula with the right percentage of the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, solution does not need to be rinsed with water.

- In Lei® "FIX 2" is designed to work together in perfect tandem in the LASH FILLER process, guaranteeing reliable and proven results!

- to be used exclusively with its permanent In Lei® "FORM 1"

- its primary packaging is designed not to allow waste of the substance and the closure of the small screw bottle ensures you keep the product well sealed and protected from external agents.

- clinically proven efficacy in collaboration with prestigious University Institute

- use exclusively with its permanent In Lei® "FORM 1"


 Timing for  InLei® “FIX 2”:

Half of the time used for InLei® “Form 1” plus one minute.

Remove using dry q-tip


Product Details: 

    • Available in: Form 1, Fix 2, Filler 3
    • Each package contains 6 sachets.
    • 1 sachet can be used for multiple procedures
    • 1 sachet - 1.5ml
    • Total - 9ml which is more than any other solution on the market. 


    Depending on the service area the price of the procedure ranges from 85CAD to 130CAD including lash tint

    NOTE: This product is Sodium Bromate Free Lash Lift and complies with Canada and Italy safety Guidelines

    In-store Cash Payments are acceptable, for more details please refer to Shipping info

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