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Eyelash Shampoo Maxymova

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Welcome our premium Eyelash Shampoo - Cleansing Mousse from MAXYMOVA, the ultimate solution for maintaining and enhancing the beauty of your lashes. Designed specifically for delicate eyelashes, our gentle and effective formula provides thorough cleansing and nourishment, leaving your lashes looking healthy, voluminous, and radiant.

Maxymova Cleansing Mousse is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of eyelashes, offering a luxurious and revitalizing experience. Created with utmost care, this specially formulated mousse gently removes dirt, makeup residue, and impurities, promoting a clean and refreshed lash line.

Infused with nourishing ingredients such as botanical extracts, vitamins, and proteins, our Eyelash Shampoo Mousse strengthens and fortifies each lash from root to tip. This promotes lash health and resilience, preventing breakage and improving the overall appearance of your lashes.

The lightweight and airy mousse texture ensures effortless application and rinses away easily, making your lash cleansing routine a breeze. The gentle formulation is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and individuals with eyelash extensions.

To use, simply dispense a small amount of mousse onto your fingertips and gently massage onto your lashes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, and admire the refreshed and revitalized look of your lashes.

Make our Eyelash Shampoo Mousse a part of your daily beauty routine and enjoy the benefits of clean, nourished, and luscious lashes. Discover the secret to beautifully maintained eyelashes with our premium lash shampoo.

Order Maxymova Eyelash Shampoo Mousse now and unlock the full potential of your lashes. Treat yourself to a luxurious and effective cleansing experience that will leave your eyelashes looking their absolute best.

Available in 2 sizes : 50 ml bottle and 170 ml bottle

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