Belmacil Creme Oxydant for eyelash and brow tint

Belmacil Creme Oxydant for eyelash and brow tint

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Crème Oxydant from belmacil - 3% 

This easy to use Tint developer has a nice creamy consistency which is optimal for work while client is sitting up or laying down. Simply mix oxydant with the desired brow or lash tint colour in proportion 1:1. 

We recommend using 3% Oxydant with original Belmacil formula, gentle formula of the tint will not harm or damage natural lashes and brow hair. 

When the procedure is over make sure to remove all the traces of the tint from skin to avoid any adverse reaction and to minimize the chances of getting allergy. 

If your client is having a procedure for the first time, we recommend doing a patch test for sensitivity to the dye (brow tint).

  1. Mix the tint in proportion 1:1 with Oxydant.
  2. Apply small amount on the clients skin near the elbow or the wrist
  3. expose the mixture for the desired time, ex. 8 minutes 
  4. Remove the tint and ask client to come back in 48 hours. 
    If no irritation occurred, you can perform the procedure. 

Please refer to your local health office for more information, guidelines and documentation needed to safely perform the lash and brow tinting procedures. 

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