lash lift glue balm lami balm for fixating lashes on the curler. Buy MAXYMOVA in Canada official distributor

Blue Lash Balm - Lash Lift Glue

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Looking for a lash lift adhesive that is easy to work with, doesn't dry fast and does not leave a glue residue? 

MAXYMOVA Blue Lash Balm is an eyelash lift glue without glue. It has a balm like texture which allows to lift and place the natural lashes onto the lifting rod quick and because it doest dry out like a conventional lash lift glue, you will have time to reposition lashes, brush them through and fix the natural lashes on lash lift shields as many times as needed. 

The lash balm does not only fixate the natural lashes, it also creates an invisible shield around them helping to protect natural lashes from drying out during the application of Step 1 and 2 of the lash lift.

The Blue Lash Balm from MAXYMOVA is fast and easy to work with. we know that the most time lash lift technician spends on fixating the lashes, positioning them properly and making dure the natural lashes will not pop off during the application of Lash Lift and Fix. Well these problems vanish, when you are working with Blue Lash Balm. It can be reapplied during the procedure, but also the fixation of the natural lashes becomes a breeze, simply lift the lashes on the lash lift curler and brush them using MAXYMOVA Golden Y-tool

Size: 15g glass jar

Scent: Blueberry

Made in Italy 

See in action:

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