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Jade Stone Eyelash Glue Holder

Jade Stone Eyelash Glue Holder

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Jade Stone eyelash extension glue holder

 Jade stone has many uses, from tools and decorations as a part of jewelry pieces, to use in healing therapies, cosmetology, and of course eyelash extension industry. 

Due to its durability and semi-precious origin, jade stone has many unique features:

- thermal conductivity - jade stone stays cooler for 20% longer time compared to other stones. Thus the glue drop will keep its properties for 20% longer time, than on other surfaces. 

- durability - the jade stone will last for many years to come.

- jade is a very clean stone, that contains the least amount of impurities. So even if it comes in contact with cyanoacrylate glue, it will not emit any harmful fumes


Please note: the shades and textures of stones may differ, as it is a natural stone that is polished by hand

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