InLei Lash Filler FILLER 3 Treatment Sachets
InLei Lash Filler FILLER 3 Treatment Sachets
InLei Lash Filler FILLER 3 Treatment Sachets
InLei Lash Filler FILLER 3 Treatment Sachets
InLei Lash Filler FILLER 3 Treatment Sachets

InLei Lash Filler FILLER 3 Treatment Sachets

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InLei® “FILLER 3”

- LASH FILLER® TREATMENT defines, nourishes, thickens and strengthens the lash structure, giving color and shine to our client's eyelashes

- the LASH FILLER® treatment guarantees a thickening of natural hair on average up to 24% in three treatments

- has been demonstrated and affirmed by the clinical test carried out at the Research Institute of Milan

- the original formula of the In Lei® "FILLER 3" allows the micro particles of the filler to penetrate inside the hair gently, bonding to the keratin fibers of the hair itself

- thanks to the "Three Regeneration" complex, and to the proper preparation of eyelashes with In Lei® "FORM 1" and In Lei® "FIX 2", it guarantees a stable result and great effectiveness of nourishment and thickening giving new silkiness to eyelashes

- the LASH FILLER® treatment has the ability to reach up to the hair bulb feeding them and working also in the following months after the treatment on the structure of the hair bulb

- In Lei® "FILLER 3" promotes the proliferation of keratinocytes in the hair

- the packaging gives its charm to the product and guarantees the use without unnecessary waste

- thanks to the convenient dropper we can withdraw the necessary amount from the vial, without contaminating the product.

- clinically proven efficacy in collaboration with prestigious University Institute

- use exclusively with its permanent F1, F2 fastening and In Lei® dye


This product is used to unstick lashes from the shield and clean the leftovers of tint from natural lashes and roots. It does not need to be rinsed.


Are you just starting out as lash technician and currently don't have a big client base?

Would you like to make sure that the product you use is always fresh and on top of the game?

InLei Lash Filler Treatment Sachets guarantee the product is always fresh and ready to use!

One sachet can last you up to 3 treatments and once opened can it be used within the week.

Inlei Top Tip! Great for mobile technicians as the product doesn't take up too much space!


Product Details: 

    • Available in: Form 1, Fix 2, Filler 3
    • Each package contains 6 sachets
    • 1 sachet can be used for multiple procedures
    • 1 sachet - 1.5ml
    • Total 9ml - which is more than any other products on the market
    • PLEASE NOTE each box contains instructions


    Depending on the service area the price of the procedure ranges from 85CAD to 130CAD including lash tint. The same materials can be used for a brow lift.

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