Brow Lamination Kit with Creator Syntetic Brush
Brow Lamination Kit with Creator Syntetic Brush

Brow Lamination Kit with Creator Syntetic Brush

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Everything you need for brow lamination in one kit! 

For successful brow lamination procedure use InLei Brow Lamination products. Gentle to the hair, these solutions do not require cling film covering or water.

Simply brush the brow hair in desired position, apply InLei Brow Lift 1 for a needed exposure time, wipe with dry pad. Fix the hair in a desired shape and style using F-Brush and a bit of Mister Fix, apply InLei Brow Fix 2. Wipe Brow Fix 2 with a slightly damp cotton pad and finish the procedure with Brow Bomber 3. 

- Brow Perming Solution - Inlei Brow Lift 1 Sachets - 6pc

- Brow Fixing Solution - InLei Brow Fix 2 Sachets - 6pc

- Brow Nourishing Solution - Inlei Brow Bomber 3 - Sachets 6pc 

- Glue for Brow Lamination - Inlei Mister Fix 

- Best Brush in the whole world - precise Creator Synthetic No 5


The brow lamination procedure recommended time for Inlei Brow Lift 1 : 

Thin hair - 6-8 minutes

Medium Hair - 8-10 minutes

Thick hair - 10-12 minutes

The procedure recommended timing  for Inlei Brow Lock 2 :

Half Time of the first solution + 1 minute. 

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