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Crystal Bond Lash Glue/Adhesive

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Crystal Bond Adhesive

Experience Level



Very Strong 

Drying time

1-2 seconds

Room humidity


Room temperature

18-22°C (64.4°F - 71.6°F) 


thin, medium, syrup like



Inevitable tool for eyelash technicians who work with colored lashes. This glue is clear (has no pigment) and is perfect for clean work. 

We advise using this gue only if you are an experienced eyelash technician. The best temperature for Crystal Bond glue 20-22°C. If the temperature is lover, it will act slower (approximately 2 second boding time), at higher temperatures the glue will act as 1-sec glue. 

Perfect humidity conditions 45-60% (under lower humidity glue works slower) 

 For professional use only.

This product is:

- Latex-free

- Formaldehyde-free

- Oil resistant 

- Water resistant 

- Humidity resistant

- Heat resistant

This product has:

- Strong flexible bond

- Excellent retention



MSDS for Crystal Clear Glue available to download here

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